Telling stories is my passion. Writing is my chosen career.

Over my adult life I’ve gained experience in many different species of writing. Everything here is a skill that I’ve developed, a talent I’ve used in my career as a freelance writer. 

These are my bragging rights.


Sharp, quick, eye-catching copy

>Working at Frame, an award-winning Glasgow-based advertising agency with clients across the UK.
>Created short copy for theatre productions, nightclubs and restaurants, and large-scale conventions
>Worked with advertising teams and committees to create promotional material for events and productions

Script Writer

[Exit; pursued by witty dialogue]

>Shortlisted for News Writer Of The Year 2013 by MCVUK
>Written voice-over script for tutorial videos, news videos and other informational videos
>Worked as script doctor for theatre companies, adapting Greek comedies, Classical works, & modern plays.


Once Upon A Time…

>Produced a storytelling podcast throughout Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018, telling stories every day.
>Create colourful and humorous ‘bar rants’ about working in the hospitality industry
>Currently editing my first novel, ‘Bootstraps’, and seraching for a publisher.


Reporting on the virtual world, one block at a time

>Responsible for all of the Gamepedia Minecraft Wiki tutorial videos up to 2015
>Created over 400 YouTube videos and grew a channel to 126,000 subscribers
>Visited conventions and events, hosting panels and Q&A sessions to teach gamers about Minecraft.