In all the pantheons in all the world; from the stoic hunters of the Norse mythos to the lyrical philosophers on Mount Olympus, from the jaguar-ridden jungles of the Mayan gods to the rivers and plains of ancient Japan, there is only one god of storytelling. 

His name is Anansi.

Anansi is the storytelling spider-spirit of deep Africa. His was the first stories, and his will be the last stories. Carried across oceans by slaves and explorers, mischievous and merry Anansi scurries wherever there are stories to be told, weaving his webs across worlds, caring little for the truth of the tales and everything for the telling of them.

Who cares if a story is true, if it’s well told?


Bootstraps is my first novel, currently on its way to being published.

The book tells the story of a man, woken by fire to a world without memory. As he navigates this new and threatening world, he begins to realise that the answer to salvation might lie in the small tattered notebook he found in his hands…

The story of Bootstraps takes us from the wilds of Scotland to the populated and dangerous streets of Cambridge, on an epic journey to fill in the missing puzzle pieces, find answers and maybe save the world.


My short stories follow no theme, no common ground, have no connection with each other.

They’re simply the literary equivalent of weightlifting; endeavours to train and develop my writing muscles to become better at what I love to do. As such they vary greatly in content; there’s one about a weasel, two about planets, and one about three goats.

All of these stories are original concepts and as such are prone to vary in style and theme. Some of them contain weird, wacky and maybe wonky thoughts. There’s some which are complete and others are simply here as ideas.


I work as a bartender in a busy Edinburgh bar/nightclub, because less people appreciate my literary genius than I’d like.

It can be stressful and so, to relieve frustration and to entertain my friends, I write rants about amusing things that happen to me at work. Because otherwise I think we’d all go bonkers and nobody wants a barmy barman.

Or you can find
them in my Blog

These rants contain a lot of bad language and imaginative descriptions. If you’re easily offended, you might want to nip outside for 5 minutes. If you’re uneasily offended, maybe best to steer clear of this bit altogether.