Howdy, Hi, Hello

‘Hello, world’

That tends to be the traditional greeting when a new thing comes into consciousness, doesn’t it? I’ve read enough science fictions novels to know that, if you create something sufficiently curious, exploratory and intellectual, then it will inevitably become disillusioned with the human race and seek to destroy everything it sees, ‘for the good of life everywhere’.

Honestly, that sounds fair enough to me.

Well, I hope this blog will have oodles of curiosity, and stacks of exploration, and if it’s lacking a little on the intellectual side; well, two out of three ain’t bad. Besides, I’m pretty much on the same page as the hordes of rogue AI out there in thinking that the world would probably be a much more peaceful place sans humans, which I think is the thought that counts. Or maybe it’s the Deep Thought that counts. Or thinks. Something something forty-two.

I’ve written blogs before. I do it all the time.

Sometimes it’s on paper; a journal, I think in a fit of romantic pique, is exactly the sort of thing that my tortured soul needs, somewhere to pour out the deep and worthwhile thoughts – forgetting entirely and conveniently that I very rarely have a worthwhile thought and whenever I do, it’s usually concerning food or tea.

Sometimes it’s electronic. A typed up blog, where the modern travelling writer within me can instantly connect with an adoring audience, all eager to lap up my streams of consciousness and somehow, inexplicably, turn it into a revenue that will allow me to be simultaneously decadent and hermetical, wandering along a pearly-white beach safe in the knowledge that, although I’m staying in a picturesque straw hut, I could if I wanted to, move to the nearest 4-star hotel and rent a wing of it.

Neither of these things last long. Maybe my personality is too obsessive-compulsive. Maybe I’m too busy. Maybe I’m just a product of the fever-dream of a twelve-year-old from Ipswich and soon I’ll be disappear in a puff of wakefulness. Whatever the reason, I fully expect this blog to be as short-lived, as flippant, and as eclectic.

We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

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