My name is Toby Williams, I’m a writer and graphic designer, with experience in videography.

Like a large number of writers, I hate talking about myself. I want to talk about interesting things, like worlds made from the dying spirit of infinitely old creatures, or monasteries in the darkness, or tattered notebooks that save the world. I don’t want to talk about myself! That’s boring.

But my publicist (who looks like Tamsin Greig and talks like Gandalf and is entirely fictitious) tells me that I’m ‘being silly’ and ‘ruining the baby shower’ and ‘why am I covered in apricot jam’. So here goes.

  • I’m a bit English, a bit Welsh, and a bit Scottish.
  • I’ve never been to Ireland, although not for want of trying.
  • One time, at an after-school club, when I had finished drawing a picture of a superhero and was busy flapping it around the room making whoomph-ing noises, my teacher very carefully told my mum I had ‘a very strong and involved imagination.’ I was flattered.
  • I want to travel, although I often suffer from a condition known as ‘not enough money’. It’s fatal if left untreated, so any donations are welcome.
  • I’ve bartended, waited, barista’d and cooked my way through quite a lot of hospitality jobs. Apparently it makes you jaded and bitter, but that’s exactly the sort of utter crap statement you’d expect the public to say. Those bastards.
  • When I was 18, I had a brief delusional period where I thought I wanted to be an engineer, but thankfully, 4 years and 1 half-completed university degree later, I came to my senses.
  • From 2012-2015, I worked as a videographer and YouTuber making Minecraft videos for a large US company called Curse. Parents, if you’re reading this; I was partly responsible for your kids being glued to that game, and I’m not at all sorry.
  • I’m a self-professed nerd; I own comic books, speak Elvish, and have a favourite African spirit god. I don’t know if there’s, like, a loyalty card or something I qualify for?

Thank you for reading this. I know that blogging sites are plentiful, and there are eager and aspiring writers everywhere. That really does fill me with hope; that writing as a creative expression is so easy that it’s an over-saturated market. So I’m glad you’re here, reading my stuff (and hopefully liking it!) and I hope you’ll stay awhile.

Peace, nerds.